Art galleries and their importance in the art market

Galleries play an important role within the art market, since they not only commercialize works, but also offer the viewer an education about the art world from its different disciplines, and collaborate with the positioning of the artist. There are many questions about the gallery model that was implemented in the 19th century, due to the symptoms of crisis that this commercial model is experiencing today. Everything points to the necessary restructuring of it. In the 19th century, with the emerging modern art market, the first galleries appeared, with purely commercial purposes. Although the model aims at the commercialization of art, the galleries in their main essence create a link between the artist and the public that buys his works. By having a physical exhibition space, just like museums, the galleries promote the artists' trajectory; valuing their pieces in the primary market, by relating it to recognized exhibition venues. They function as intermediaries between collectors, critics, curators, and the artist and his work. Currently they are able to finance the production of the work of a represented artist, for certain exhibitions. Over the years, the galleries have demonstrated their ability to adapt to the new requirements of the art market, which is increasingly competitive, implementing marketing strategies in a professional manner, such as the creation of quality catalogues, which are sent to potential customers. Many artists have the ability to move very well within the art market, but despite their ability and good relations can not cover all aspects necessary to develop their career, which is why it requires the services of a gallery owner who has an infrastructure of exhibition, which is responsible for promoting and selling their works. The artist trusts that the gallery, which represents him, will help him cross borders, making his works known nationally and internationally, through exhibitions in museums, prestigious cultural institutions and important collections. He also requires your collaboration in pricing, storage of his works, inventory and even in some cases for emotional and financial support.
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