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How much should a painting appraisal cost?

For an art gallery, Art appraisals cost between $250 to $300. These is usually for a single item. The Average Cost of Art or Antique Appraisal For an appraisal purchase, you will pay for time and expertise. There are three…

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Expert advice, art at the office

Appropriate artwork in the workplace creates added value for employees and visitors. Art makes us more creative and can strengthen the company’s image. Art in the office is a challenge because many people love it. Here, we started with the…

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Art as cultural expression

A hard rocker can appreciate the power and weight of a beautiful guitar solo that an opera fan would only consider as noise in the same way that the same hard rocker would never stay one minute in front of…

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How to set the price of a work of art?

Evaluating an artistic object is a difficult task, as it will be necessary to consider such essential points as the work in question (the realization, the materials used, the technique employed, the quality, etc.), the artist and the existing market….

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How is the online art market doing?

Until a few years ago, digitally created works appeared very discreetly and only at events with electronic music as a theme. Before that, it was not even possible to sell art online. But today it’s completely different. The Internet generation…

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Online guide for art lovers

You are passionate about art and you like to know more about it? The internet is nowadays a means that allows you to know everything by yourself. To find out more, this article will show you the different types of…

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