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Bernardi Buffet clown

Bernard Buffet’s famous paintings

Are you a fan of historical arts or any other paintings? If you are, most probably you have heard or encountered some of Bernard Buffet’s famous paintings. Some of his arts have been placed in museums such as Tate Modern…

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Where can you buy art work ?

Buying art at auction is a fun way to buy art and it means (depending on the auction work you choose) that the art also has a form of quality guarantee. For the beginner, however, it can be difficult to…

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How to exhibit your art in a gallery ?

The best way to integrate your work into an art gallery is to be different. Visit galleries near you and find out which ones have artwork that suits your style. Many galleries are run by a curator with a personal…

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Art galleries and their importance in the art market

Galleries play an important role within the art market, since they not only commercialize works, but also offer the viewer an education about the art world from its different disciplines, and collaborate with the positioning of the artist. There are…

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