How to set the price of a work of art?

Evaluating an artistic object is a difficult task, as it will be necessary to consider such essential points as the work in question (the realization, the materials used, the technique employed, the quality, etc.), the artist and the existing market. Nevertheless, there are ways of having a valuable art object appraised. In any case, the best solution is to carry out an artwork appraisal by requesting the services of a professional and expert in the field of art.

Make a free artwork estimate

The first step to finding out the value of an artwork is to make a free online artwork estimate. To do so, you will need to provide photographs of the work as well as a brief description of the work. Based on these elements, a free pre-appraisal is offered to you by an expert. This step consists of giving a numerical estimate of your work of art. When it is a realizable value (sale), the price must be consistent and set according to current market prices. And if the work of art is a rare or highly sought-after object, the repurchase price is generally higher than the market price. An online estimate will help you to be sure and satisfied with the price given to your object.

How does an artwork appraisal take place?

After an online artwork estimate, it is possible to call in an expert to estimate a work of art. The specialist will come to your home free of charge, equipped with tools (magnifying glass, ultraviolet lamp, microscope, etc.) to thoroughly evaluate the artwork you wish to put up for sale. Then, he can use different approaches to find a price adapted to your art object: Documentation: through sales catalogues, publications or handwritten letters about the work. The search for information in databases: in museums, art galleries or on the internet. A survey. For a more in-depth research, the expert can get information from people who know the artist or his work. He can call upon a scientific expert to analyse the pictorial layer of the painting. An art historian can also help him to establish a link between the style, the period and the artist. Taking into account all these studies, an artwork expertise takes, on average, 2 to 4 weeks. Thanks to all these steps, the specialist establishes a justified and precise price for a painting or other works of art. And if your goal in the estimation of a work of art is to sell, you can also contact the site specialized in the purchase of works of art.

Why choose a company that is an expert in works of art?

In addition to having your work of art appraised by a professional at a fair and transparent price, there are several advantages to using an expert to sell: He travels free of charge to make the estimate He knows his job well and offers quality services. It is a good alternative to auctions. No risk of unsold goods You can benefit from immediate redemption without commission, in the context of healthy transactions. The purchase is made at market price and cash. You are in confidentiality.
How much should a painting appraisal cost?
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