How to invest in art?

The first question, what should you buy as art, is the easiest and most difficult to answer. You should simply buy art that you love and enjoy looking at on your walls and in your home. What this art means to you is simply a question of what you like when you visit galleries and art museums. The more you see, the more you learn to feel your own tastes and you will be able to buy art that you develop a deeper relationship with and that matters to you, even after many years. It is therefore worth looking around a little before making a larger investment. If you want to know a little more about art history to create an idea of the different directions of art, this can also be a good idea, but of course it is not necessary for you to be able to find something you like.

Where to buy the artwork?

Once you have an idea of what you want, it is of course time to find a place to buy it. You can consider different options:
  • Buying at auction
  • Buying in a gallery or art shop
  • Buy online or via ads
  • Buy directly from an artist

Buying an art collection

The simplest way to understand abstract art painting is to think of it as a visual language that uses many forms to tell a story. Whether it's colours, lines, shapes, it all depends on the artist and offers unlimited possibilities. Looking at René Magritte's "Philosophical Lamp" may shock some people with a serious tone, even if it is just as politically as anything else. Abstract paintings such as this one tell a very unique story that is not to be missed if you look at it for a few seconds. In addition to understanding the many functions of art, it is also important to note that what one person reads in it will be different from what another person reads. With the "philosophical lamp", one person may see politics, but the next person may feel that there is a kind of vanity in the man in the picture.

Buy an art collection

  • Try to see a lot of artwork to get an idea of what you like, then buy the art you like.
  • It is better to buy international art than Swedish art. It is always easier to sell.
  • Buy from 4-5 different artists
  • Buy only the original
  • Ask a gallery owner you trust and get advice on young and good artists

Art collection as interior design

It's also true that you just want to dress up your house with works of art that should match your expensive sofas, hand-woven carpets and other expensive furniture, but don't really look at what's good. You can then buy art without having to learn too much, but you can still get good art by asking what is hot and interesting in expensive and prestigious galleries in the big cities or in one of the biggest auction houses . This is of course also the most expensive way to buy art.
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