How much should a painting appraisal cost?


For an art gallery, Art appraisals cost between $250 to $300. These is usually for a single item.
The Average Cost of Art or Antique Appraisal
For an appraisal purchase, you will pay for time and expertise. There are three methods to set the rates used by appraisers.
• Hourly rate: the appraisers mainly use this method for service charge and it ranges from $25 to $300 an hour.
• Per piece: when several pieces are to be appraise, the cost per piece to be used and will range from $200 to $300 per piece.
• Flat fee: it will be used for a wide-ranging collection of items or an art gallery. The price is determined by the magnitude of the collection.

The Types of Antique Appraisals

There are four main types of antique appraisals.
1. Fair Market Value
It is the price of the piece of the item that can be sold in an open market.
Appraisers will use this type of valuation method to purchase painting, an online art gallery, assets or donations.
2. Market Value
Fair market value will differ from market value, in that fair market is the value of the number of items that would sell under standard conditions while market value is the items that will sell in market conditions at the present moment.
3. Replacement Value
It is the cost you will undergo to substitute an item with similar specs. Insurance companies insist on these type of appraisals.
4. Liquidation Value
It is the value of an item when it is immediately liquidated without negotiation.

The Cost Factors of Antique Appraisal

The appraisal costs will be affected by the following factors:
• The amount of research required to know the value of an item
• The time needed to do research
• The type of appraisal
• The distance an appraiser drives to view the item
What will be the cost of Appraising Art by Yourself?
Most websites have a service rate between $10 and $30 per item when researching the value of an item. You will upload a photo and brief description of the item which will in turn valuate the item.
Price guides will be used to valuate of an item. A certified appraiser will be required to evaluate the item that provides authentication, which is required to sell an item by auction.

DIY versus Hiring a Pro

When you are not planning to sell an item, an online appraiser is a guide option for a simple valuation. When you are planning to sell, you are required to evaluate, research and authenticate the item, you will therefore require to hire an appraiser.
The value of the item will be determined by authentication.


Do Appraisers Require a License?
Property appraisers will not be required to be licensed, although some of them earn certifications after taking classes. Most appraisers will gain knowledge by working in the field.
Qualified appraisers are referred by insurance agents or accountants. To find an appraiser of your needs, location and specialty can be used.
What Is the Need of Having an Item Appraised?
They're not major reasons why items are appraised. Most people will have items appraised for insurance purposes. Other reasons include taxing purposes when donating an item or when divorcing, so that item's value is determined.
Contents of a Professional Appraisal report
• A detailed description of the item
• Statement report
• The explanation for the appraisal method used
• History of the ownership of the item
• Certification and qualifications of the appraiser
• The code of ethics of the appraiser
• Signature of the appraiser

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