Expert advice, art at the office

Appropriate artwork in the workplace creates added value for employees and visitors. Art makes us more creative and can strengthen the company's image. Art in the office is a challenge because many people love it. Here, we started with the colours of the office and chose works of art that bring calm and harmony," says Sara, who works as a decorator, artist and curator. The art is a mixture of modern photographs and paintings by contemporary artists. Behind the selection is also an analysis of what the company stands for and its personality. The best advice for anyone who wants to choose art is to start by looking at different types of art in order to get an idea of what feels good. Think about what you want the art to convey to employees and visitors. A young gaming company with playful furniture should choose contemporary art, while a reputable law firm should choose art that fits the activity. It is also recommended to choose art that brings joy and inspiration. The wonderful thing about art is that it creates feelings and gives an extra dimension to the room. In general, abstract art often works well in most contexts. Another trick is to use colours that exist in other furniture and choose art that goes with it. When it comes to colour, blue and green tones work almost everywhere, giving an impression of calm and seriousness. Even shades of yellow, red and pink are good. They are social and happy colours that look like sunshine and warmth.
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